I Will Find Your Next Job.

Marketing your business using traditional methods of cold calling and door to door outreach in order to get you work in your chosen area of London.

I will do the tasks you know you need to do, but don’t get round to doing or just simply do not want to do.

A few things I’ll cover:

  • Drum up an interest in your business through cold calls and canvassing the local area you operate in
  • Filter out all the time wasters you don’t want to deal with
  • Pass on only the most motivated buyers for you to turn into business
  • Helping to get your name known
  • No contracts and no obligation to sign up long term

I am so certain that I can deliver that I will pay back 50% of your money if I fail to deliver at least 1 paying customer for you in the first 30 days of working with me. Simple as that.


All this cost £300 a month inc VAT.

I operate currently only on a monthly basis, you can cancel anytime and will only pay for each month that you work with me.

Get Attention, Get More Work.

Hello George James here, founder of London’s Electrician.

So what I do is simple. I market businesses. I get them in front of people that can buy what they sell.

Generally my day to day will consist of doing those things that most people don’t want to do.

Making cold calls, going door to door, in some cases, hoping that someone will buy what I am selling, which is the services of skilled tradespeople. 

In your case that could well be your services. If your a painter decorator, carpenter, sparky, landscaper, I have worked with all trades.

Now as you may of concluded already I do have a particular focus on the Electrical industry and serving the London area, judging by the name London’s Electrician.

Although I know that people who require electrical services may well also require the services of a decorator, plumber, plasterer, landscape gardener and so on and so on. Therefore I do not work exclusively with just Electrical contractors. I am an Electrician in training and have experience in sales and marketing.

Now my goal is to promote great tradespeople. Good at what they do.

As a tradesperson it can take years to become fully competent in your field, a lot of hard work, investing your time and money into your craft when there are many other careers you could have put your time and money into. It’s a huge commitment. And eventually once your qualified, and maybe have completely cleared out your savings account on training and tools, you need something just as, if not more important than those qualifications. And thats customers. 

Getting Customers

When it comes to getting people to know your business tradespeople and small businesses more often than not, haven’t got the money to spend on big TV ad campaigns and billboards, or expensive Google/Facebook Ad campaigns. They simply cannot chuck hundreds and thousands at a campaign when they aren’t sure it will work. 

Reality check for small businesses

  • If you are already known and established and have a flock of customers coming to you consistently with work then good for you, however for most the reality is different. 
  • Pain of not getting consistent work. A lot of new businesses struggle to get going or stay afloat when they don’t get a consistent stream of customers paying they and this causes all sorts of cashflow problems. 
  • Not being known is stopping you in your tracks. It did me. If nobody knows you, you will ensure that nobody will do business with you.
  • Staying small is not safe. The little businesses will drop off when the economy takes a turn for the worse and the easy sells are few and far between. 

I think we all tend to have unrealistic expectations when setting out in business. When it comes to acquiring new customers you will spend 90% of your time speaking to people who cannot buy from you or just don’t want to buy from you. You need to be prepared for this huge amount of rejection if you want to make those sales when they eventually come along. And they will, but not without the huge volumes of rejection. 

What is the alternative?

Getting the word out through effort of your own, cold calling, door to door, trade events, networking, online groups/forums, answering questions trying to become a bit on an authority figure in your industry, the slow going activities that are low risk financially but they are time consuming and will take you away from doing the actual work you trained for years to do.

So what is the alternative? And this essentially is where my business London’s Electrician stems from.

As a company that wants to expand there seems to be some common struggles:

  • You haven’t got the dough to spend on huge ad campaigns.
  • You cannot afford to be tied into rigid contracts with uncertain outcomes, will it pay off or not.
  • Your short on time because you need to focus on doing the actual job sparky, carpenter, painter
  • You cannot afford to pay a full-time wage to a sales team
  • You know you need to promote 
  • The only promoting that will work is consistent promotion that is cheap/or even better free. But you haven’t got the time!

My offer to you.

What I offer to businesses is a fantastic opportunity not only to expand your brand and bring in more clients for you but to also expand my brand and build a larger network that we can all benefit from. I work with large and small construction firms and they all at one time or another require the services of each and every trade. More people I know, the more people you can get in front of. 

Why do I offer the services of lead generation/cold calling to other contractors?

To get the jobs we desire/customers we want to work with, sooner or later we will have to make a cold call or visit someone who does not know us or what we can offer. This is where I step in to plug the gap, do the cold canvassing that can at times be uncomfortable, especially for new tradespeople without a solid reputation. The groundwork I put in will help to solidify a reputation for your name in your area.

The plus points of working with me?

  • Add cold calling to your marketing efforts if you are not already doing it
  • Converse with prospective clients 
  • Filter out the most suitable clients for you based on your chosen criteria
  • Avoid talking to time wasters and people just looking, because we know they exist
  • I’ll deliver the most likely to go ahead prospects for you to follow up with

And there is a cost to not doing these things, the cold calling and consistent marketing of your business. If you don’t market your business as much as you can, you will struggle to expand or worse still even survive in the future when competing tradespeople who are better known because they promote more beat you. And this may not even be the best tradespeople, but the tradespeople that consumers see when they do a search online for “electricians in Bermondsey” for example.

So not only will you lose to competing tradespeople who market better than you, but the customer loses out if you could have provided a better service than the other tradesperson they eventually chose.


Let me take care of the grunt work the back and forth dealing with prospects and only pass you the details of those people that are most likely to buy. So you can focus on working on your projects. 

Lead Generation – Min 1 Paying Customer – Monthly Basis – Recurring Till Canceled – No Contracts – 50% Refund if I fail to deliver a paying customer.

I will find your next project within the next month. If I cannot keep to that I will refund half of your monthly fee. Your job will be to close the deal with the customer and agree on terms.

The monthly price is £300 this is a fixed price, and typically is covered by just a couple days work for jobs that I tend to find. 

After paying for your first month you’ll receive an email for you to respond to asap so you can make it clear which area (location) and type of work you would like me to find for you. 

Guarantees you’ll get for peace of mind. 

In the unlikely event that I am unable to find you your next project I will refund 50% of your fee. This covers my expenses to promote your business over the course of the month. You will at the very least get a full months worth of promotion of your business to customers that may well use your business in the future. And at the very least, now they know who you are and what you do. I’ll get you out of obscurity. 

Also, regardless of the value of the jobs you pick up, you will only ever pay a single fixed monthly fee.

Lets get your business out there and that phone ringing.


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